HOW TO AVOID A HARD DRIVE DISASTER! Managing Electrostatic Shock.

Winter is already here for us in the North and with our dry climate comes a potential nightmare to every video editor...shocking a hard drive with static electricity! Shocking a drive can cause serious, if not fatal damage to electronics, so today we’ll discuss some ways to avoid any possible disasters.

Ground Yourself.

  • Before handling any electronics, you should discharge any electricity in your body by touching something metal (NOT YOUR COMPUTER).

  • Carpets and wool socks can give you a charge so if possible, stand barefoot on any hard surface floor. If barefoot is not an option, wear rubber lined shoes or slippers.

  • Avoid wearing synthetic fibres. Cotton clothing is best.

  • Wear a Grounding Bracelet. Full disclosure - I have never used one and personally, they look a little too Frankenstein for me! Read some reviews before purchasing.

Use a Humidifier.

  • Static Electricity is a bigger issue in drier climates so plug that bad boy in! Bonus if you can find a Warm Mist Humidifier with Aromatherapy - it will make for a more aromatic experience.

  • Don’t add aromatherapy scents to a regular humidifier as it will gum up the works!

Keep your antistatic bags.

  • If your hard drive came with an antistatic bag - use it! It might save you one day.

Touch a Human.

  • This is my favourite tip, although it sounds a little strange. Before handing a hard drive to another person, touch them to discharge any built up static.

  • With empty hands, simply touch the person’s skin (an exposed arm or hand) with the tip of your finger. Be sure NOT to touch the hand they are holding the hard drive in!

  • Always ask permission before touching another person as they might not be comfortable with this!

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) around hard drives should be avoided at all costs. It can really ruin your day (or your client’s day) and potentially cost more than just the drive itself.

For more tips, check out what Western Digital has to say about protecting Internal Hard Drives.

Stay warm, folks.

Happy editing!


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