Canada's Secret History...

abandoned vehicles along Canol Heritage Trail
Truck Graveyard at Mile 222, Canol Road

Nestled in the subarctic interior of the Northwest Territories, you will find the desolate Mackenzie Mountains. With steep valleys gouged by rushing streams, the dynamic terrain sprawls across 800 kilometers from Whitehorse to Norman Wells, cutting through one of the most isolated regions of northern Canada.

abandoned trucks and equipment, mountain
Floor of Caribou Pass, Canol Road

Hidden amongst towering range lies the old Canol Road. Built during the second world war, to support an American built pipeline, it is the only road to pass through the Mackenzie Mountains. Impassible by vehicles, the old alpine path is now considered to be one of Canada’s most challenging backpacking routes.

The Canol Doc Project captures the story of five women bike-packing across one of the most fascinating yet under-documented examples of wartime and post-WWII industrialization in the North. The group sets out on a ground learn the pitch of the road, the difficulty of the landscape, the feat of the army workers, and discover what the scar on the landscape can teach about impulsive industrialization.

The Canol Doc Project is scheduled to be released this fall. Stay tuned!

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