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Téa G - "Without You" (2021)

The Official Live Performance Music Video for

Téa G - "Without You" - Filmed in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Prairie States - "Lies & Cigarettes" (2019)

Official music video for Lies & Cigarettes by The Prairie States 

Sam Lundell - "Everything" (2016)

Sam Lundell's "Everything" 

Nature Alberta - "Urban Nature Initiative" (2020)

Urban Nature Initiative set a handful of Edmonton homeowners on a path to transforming their urban green spaces into refuges for nature. 

"Mavericks For Change" (2018)

Award winning commercial for ATB Financial

A First Christmas - ACANA Pet Foods (2017)

How could we give a litter of adoptable puppies their best first Christmas? With the ultimate edible surprise—our ACANA “gingerbread” house!

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