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Téa G - "Without You" (2021)

The Official Live Performance Music Video for

Téa G - "Without You" - Filmed in Edmonton, Alberta.

The Prairie States - "Lies & Cigarettes" (2019)

Official music video for Lies & Cigarettes by The Prairie States 

Sam Lundell - "Everything" (2016)

Sam Lundell's music video "Everything" follows a young woman searches for time to self-reflect while on a life-changing hitchhiking trip through Alberta's countryside.

Nature Alberta - "Urban Nature Initiative" (2020)

Urban Nature Initiative set a handful of Edmonton homeowners on a path to transforming their urban green spaces into refuges for nature. See how some helpful advice helped transform these yards into havens for biodiversity within the city.

"Mavericks For Change" (2018)

Award winning commercial for ATB Financial

Advertising Club of Edmonton (ACE Award):

2018 Other Video Under 2 Minutes (Winner)

A First Christmas - ACANA Pet Foods (2017)

How could we give a litter of adoptable puppies their best first Christmas? With the ultimate edible surprise—our ACANA “gingerbread” house, made of our food, treats and Fresh Regional Ingredients. We think they liked it.

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